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Definitely get familiar with them, and pattern your specific gun so you know what to expect and what you are getting into haha the bear loads by HSM will definitely do the trick On the.
The Hornady XTP should give excellent terminal performance if you are a handloader. 158 grain bullets will be optimum. B-Bore has some 180gr 357 loads that are going out of a marlin carbine at 1851fps. Gary. IC-A B3. Re .357 mag black bear loads. Plinker 2318648 071808. Joined Dec 2004. Posts 2,203.
PLEASE NOTE This is NOT .357 MAGNUM .357 MAXIMUM is different than .357 MAGNUM. Developed as a load to protect hunters while hunting or traveling in bear country, this American
Developed primarily as a law enforcement pistol cartridge, the .357 Magnum was introduced by Smith and Wesson in 1934. Advertised as the worlds most powerful handgun cartridge, the .357 retained this title for some 20 years. The .357 was designed in response to crime problems within the U.S during the 1920s through 30s.
Because Smith & Wessons expert hunters with their hard-hitting revolvers were able to bring down bears with a .357 Magnum, does that mean that your Scandium framed 2 snubnose with wussy off-the-shelf loads will be able to do the same Probably not. The expert hunter stalks the prey and takes the shot from the optimal range and angle.
I would say you would be more than safe having this and whatever sort of Defense revolver your packing in the woods Whether it's the 357 bear loads, all the way up to the 454
HSM Bear Load Handgun Ammo - This American made ammunition is sure to keep you safe with its extreme terminal performance and stopping power. HSM Bear Ammunition is loaded with high-quality, dependable components delivering drastically higher velocities when compared to standard loads. Trust HSM Bear loads for your protection from dangerous game.
Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 357 Magnum 140 Grain XPB Hollow Point Lead-Free Box of 20. 32.99. Add to Cart. Remington Performance WheelGun Ammunition 38 Special 158 Grain Lead Round Nose Box of 50. 37.99. Add to Cart. Buffalo Bore Ammunition 357 Magnum 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point High Velocity Box of 20. 45.49.
That's why HSM's exclusive Bear Load has been a most popular seller since its introduction in 2011. Each caliber's specially developed load has been expertly crafted from only the best of components. Hard cast, gas-checked