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I am looking for a way to update user attributes (OfficePhone and Department) for about 500 users from a CSV to AzureAD using a powershell. Does anyone know of a script that
On the Druva Management Console menu bar, click Users > Deployment. On the User Deployment page, click Use Azure AD to use Azure AD mappings to import and manage users. On the confirmation dialog box that appears, read the message and click Confirm. You will be redirected to the Azure AD page. Now, you can create Azure AD mapping to import users.
We are instead going to connect to on-premise AD and choose what attributes we want to flow to Sentinel Get-ADUser -filter Enabled -eq TRUE -SearchBase &x27;OUCorporateUsers,DCYourDomain,DCCOM&x27; -SearchScope 2 -Properties select UserPrincipalName, SamAccountName, EmployeeID, Country, Office, EmailAddress, WhenCreated, ProxyAddresses
2. The employeeID Attribute is not one that is synchronized by default by the Azure AD Connect application, as detailed in this link ( However, by following the instructions in this link ( under the section titled Directory .
2021. 1. 7. &0183;&32;Azure AD Powershell module installed. The simpler solution Unfortunately, the Get-AzureADUser cmdlet doesnt bring the created date info. Another cmdlet can be used in combination with the one mentioned above Get
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Open ADFS and add select Trust Relationships > Relying Party Trusts. Right-click the Display name of the IBM Relying Party Trust and select Edit Claim Rules. To add the first claim, select Add Rule. Select the Send LDAP Attribute as Claims template. Insert a rule name, for example employeeid. Select Active Directory as the attribute store.
To upload the data to your Azure Monitor log analytics workspace, you need the workspace id and key. Go to your log analytics workspace -> select Advanced settings -> Agents management -> copy the workspace id and
Will the service account used by Azure AD Connect be impacted by the partner security requirements No, the service account used by Azure AD Connect will not be impacted
Now we procced to create an Azure AD policy where we will add 2 mapped claims (the user office and the country) and we specify a name (in this case we will name it UseClaimsExample3) with the following command Then to get the Policys object Id we execute Get-AzureADPolicy command Once that we have the new policy and the service .